Life has been tough for everyone these past two years. 

And, it is an especially tough time to be a Mother. I’m finding (through my own reflection and learning from clients and friends) that mothers are doing more, with fewer resources and we are fatigued. The stakes are higher, we have more demands on our time than ever before, and fewer outlets to cope. 

Sunday is Mother’s Day, our third since the pandemic began. 

My friend and mentor Carrie Contey, forever changed my idea of Mother’s Day when she encouraged her tribe to think about how they want to spend the day, AND THEN TELL THE PEOPLE WHO CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN. (Genius, I know.) 

I have some journal questions for you to help you focus and recenter on YOU and your well-being for this special day. Because now, more than ever, it is helpful to pause and take time for yourself.  


What am I grateful for in my life right now? 

What self-care have I been able to practice over the past week (or month)?

One thing that I can do for myself that would feel really good is…

How do I really want to spend Mother’s Day? 

What reservations or concerns do I have about sharing these wishes? (if there are any)

Who do I need to share my wants and needs around this special day?

How can I ensure that I take care of my self-care needs regardless of what else happens? 

Here’s to navigating this changing landscape of motherhood with clarity, self-compassion and love. Always, love.