In the past 2 weeks, I’ve had LOTS of conversations with both clients and friends about how their year is starting.

Already, I have heard a lot of disappointment and frustration around resolutions falling flat or how they just can’t seem to get motivated.

Since this is the time of year when so many resolutions are being created and goals are being set, I wanted to share my own rules about starting my year (and yes, they feel-good rules!):

1. You don’t have to start on January 1.
What? YES! Shocking, but true!  This is especially true if you have kiddos who are still home for the holiday break. Or if you just got back from a fabulous winter vacation. Or if you just started feeling into the groove of the new year. Or if you want to.  Or…  (catch my drift?) Until you are back in your routine it’s easy to get lofty with your goals and feel like you let yourself down.

It’s ok to choose your start date for your goals.

2. Identify a small thing that will have an impact.
If there was one thing that you could do to that would take little effort but would really enhance a part of your life – do that!

For example, in 2018 I committed to 2 small things:

  • Sending birthday cards to friends & family by snail mail.  (I love the art of finding pretty cards and writing a handwritten note. And I think the recipient loves it too. I sent out over 90 birthday cards last year!! And now that it is a habit, I can continue this in 2019 without much additional effort.)
  • Giving my dog Sadie Belle her heartworm medicine on schedule.  (I hadn’t been regular about her only medicine and decided that was no longer okay. I like to think she appreciated the extra attention to detail, too.)

Neither of these things took a lot of time. And, more importantly, I got to enjoy the satisfaction of up-leveling my connection with the people and puppy I care about. 

3. Say your commitment above out loud to someone.
Last year I shared my birthday card commitment to a friend in response to a question she asked on FaceBook. (Thanks, Kelly!)  By saying/writing it out loud I was actually more committed.

When I thought that maybe it wasn’t a big deal, I remembered my commitment, and it reminded me why I wanted to do it in the first place.

(Psst – I’d love to be your “someone” to say your commitment to!  What’s that one little thing you want to do for yourself this year? Hit reply and let me know. I would love to hear and cheer you on. 🙂

Sometimes what we need is a little inspiration, a little hand-holding and the space to create something special.  As you envision your year, I’ve got something really special planned for you to…

  • get away for 3 hours… just for yourself,
  • be crafty (with all supplies provided!),
  • chat and work alongside other amazing women,
  • have time to dream into your 2019 vision and what you REALLY want this year, and
  • experience a personalized coaching session with me to help you deepen your vision.
The Visioning Experience is a hands-on workshop!

If this is speaking to your heart, then please join me for The 2019 Visioning Experience on February 2 or 3!  (The Friday session is already SOLD OUT!)

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You’re going to want to save your spot now as these workshops usually sell out and I’m only planning THREE this season.  

In fact, many of my guests make this a yearly tradition and come to my workshops EVERY YEAR (which means they fill up extra fast!) If you want to have an idea of what to expect, here are some kind words from my workshop participants.

2019 can be the year for you to get clear, get into action and trust your compass. I’d love to help.

With love,