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We are excited to introduce Jenny Remington, the wonderful life coach who will be joining us at Reset Retreat in Texas. When we met Jenny, we found ourselves drawn to her calm, caring demeanor. We knew that she would be the perfect guide on our journey to ourselves.

Q&A with Jenny Remington:

RR: How do you define coaching?

Jenny: Coaching is a supported process to bridge the gap between where the client is now and where they would like to be. A coach is a client’s ultimate ally on their journey as they reach for their goals and unlock their potential.

RR: Tell us about your journey into coaching.

Jenny: During the tough market in 2009, I started meeting with friends who were out of work, or looking to make a career transition. My background in communications and my experience with interview training earned me quite a few coffee dates! Our conversations evolved into explorations about how to identify and communicate their strengths, what they really wanted (beyond the interview) and their mindset during this part of their journey.

I came home from these meetings energized and inspired. After two friends called me their coach, I decided to look into if coaching was really, “a thing” and, could it be “my thing?”

It is a thing, and it is most certainly my thing.

My coach training program was a fantastic combination of professional training and my own personal growth work. I am in love with what I do. I feel so blessed to be able to support people on their journey to know themselves better and live life on their terms.

RR: What has your coach training helped you learn about yourself?

Jenny: Becoming a coach is the ultimate commitment to self-improvement and service to others. I now know down to my bones that when I take care of myself and am clear about my goals, I thrive and my people thrive. And, as a recovering perfectionist, I am actively working to live and BE exactly who I am, where I am.

RR: How does coaching fit into a retreat?

Jenny: I believe that going on a retreat is setting an intention for self-care and connection. When we are in a safe and welcoming space, there is a natural tendency to open up to others and look within ourselves. Having a professionally trained coach to guide this experience maximizes the process for guests. They are supported as they connect the experience on the retreat with their current circumstances and have a clearer vision for their life path.

RR: What made you want to be the coach for Reset Retreat?

Jenny: I have always had a mind-body-spirit approach to my work, and recently hosted a mini retreat that included yoga, life coaching, and art. When I learned about Reset Retreat, I had the same reaction I’m sure most women had: I gasped, and silently screamed, I want to go on that retreat! After meeting with the founders, it was clear that our values and vision are aligned in how we support women on their journeys. Reset Retreat’s commitment to high-quality service and personal growth is a huge part of why I am thrilled to be a member of the team.

RR: what are you looking forward to at the Texas Reset Retreat?

Jenny: I am looking forward to connecting with the women who have decided to put themselves as a priority and said “yes!” to this invitation. We all grow from connection, and our journey is more joyful (and frankly more efficient!) together.

Jenny Remington is a professionally trained coach, certified through the International Coach Federation. She coaches clients through personal and professional change, growth and discovery through workshops, retreats, and one-on-one sessions. Jenny lives and loves in Austin, Texas with her husband and two active boys. Learn more at JennyRemington.com