Hi Friend,

For the month of December, I’m sharing a once-a-week short email to help you make a little space self-care as we round out this crazy year. My intention with these self-care messages is to help you feel nurtured, supported and a little more calm for this busy holiday season and to help you transition into 2021 with more ease.

Each week we’ll explore a simple but powerful topic around self-care, I’ll give you an idea you could experiment with and some juicy journal questions for you to consider and explore.

photo by Ruvim via Pexels

WEEK 1:  Be Intentional and Watch the Magic

One thing I hear a lot from people is “I don’t have the time for self-care.”

I get that.

And, what’s also true is that we really don’t have time to be sick, exhausted, overwhelmed and otherwise sidelined from our lives.  

So now what?!

There was a time when your self-care coach was running on fumes and struggling to hold it together. I decided that getting enough water was all I could do to take care of myself. 

So I said, “this is self-care right now” and POOF!  The ordinary tap water became a mini self-care practice in getting my needs met.  Each time I drank water I said to myself “this is self-care right now.”  Nothing more was needed. It was helpful to know that I WAS taking care of myself, and stop the chatter of “I’m not doing enough…” 

I decided to see if I could experiment with another automatic habit, and bring more care and intention to it and see if I could create magic again. Every night I wash my face, apply lotions and creams and do all the things. (thank you $1B beauty industry!)

I wanted to see if being intentional could make this be self-care, not just maintenance. As I put on lotion I said kind things to myself in the mirror, such as “this is me taking excellent care of my skin…This feels good…This is what self-care looks like right now.”

I’ll be honest, it may sound silly but something profound shifted inside me in that moment. It felt so powerful to bring intention to my actions — something I had done thousands of times — and treated that moment as an act of care and love. 

Try this…

Even if you don’t have time for NEW self-care activities, bring intention to something you are already doing and watch the magic as you transform it into self-care.

Ideas:  drinking a glass of water, putting on hand lotion, stretching as you get out of bed, putting on your seat belt, taking a shower, taking your medicine/vitamins, walking the dog, rocking your child…

Journal this…

  • Something I do every day that could shift to feel like self-care is…
  • My self-care intention today is…
  • I’m grateful for…
  • I’m joyfully anticipating…

What will you do to take care of yourself this week?  Hit reply and let me know.

With love and care from my heart to yours,

PS – next week’s theme is being honest about our self-care needs.  It’s a juicy topic and I can’t wait to share it with you.