Self-care this morning was getting out of bed and seeking stillness on the patio rather than lying awake with my head spinning.

Self-care was taking the soft cozy blanket out to the porch and wrapping it around myself, knowing I needed the softness and to feel my own warmth.

Self-care is making a cup of tea in my fav cup, remembering the special person it reminds me of. 

Self-care is being present with each child during their breakfast because their burdens are different, and my heart needs connection.  

Self-care is taking a few clippings from a blooming bush in the backyard and putting them in a bud vase on my desk. 

I know from experience, it is going to be tricky for me to steady myself today. So I am choosing to put small acts of self-care as a priority. I’ll likely have to keep adding to this list, throughout the day, acknowledging, this is self-care right now. 

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

What about YOU?  What self-care would nurture you today?

Go ahead and reply and let me know. I love being connected to you and cheering you on.

With love,