My spirit animal is an elephant.

The elephant’s natural way of being with others touches me so deeply and guides my work. 

Let me explain… elephants are known to be friendly, gentle, brave and strong. 

You may also know that female elephants back into and encircle a vulnerable member of the herd. They will take this formation in two circumstances:  to protect a vulnerable or sick elephant from a predator, or when a mother is giving birth to protect her and her newborn.

They close ranks and form a tight circle. They band together and put up such a strong defense that the elephant in distress can recover and heal knowing that her sisters will hold the space for her. They will stomp and stir up the earth for another layer of protection. They will trumpet in celebration.

The circle supports one another.

Up until just a few years ago, I had mostly enjoyed being in the “outside ring,” supporting and protecting others. Through ups and downs of early motherhood and starting my business, I may have had had brief interludes in the center of the circle, but my recovery from each was swift and I was back on the “outside” protecting and supporting others.

It wasn’t until my Dad’s diagnosis with terminal brain cancer, my son’s (temporary) hearing loss due to chronic sinus infections, on top of the day-to-day challenges of life, that I found myself in the middle of a circle of my people. Surrounded and protected.

For the first time, I felt like being in the center was exactly where I needed to be.

Through the support of my family, my friends, my personal growth work, and my self-care, my life continued. I was inside the circle and I stayed there for a long time. Inside that circle, I was allowed to grieve and grow, reflect and reconsider, learn self-compassion and feel loved.

When I emerged from the circle I was more clear than I had ever been, and incredibly grateful for the people who held space for me.

Does the idea of a circle of support speak to you?

I would love to invite you to explore the Grace & Space Self-Care Circle.

Grace & Space is a coach-led self-care circle to explore our overall well-being in a nurturing and supportive way.

I’ve carefully curated important topics that I’ve used in my private coaching, previous groups and workshop experiences (so you get the best of the best – in a more affordable and collaborative way!).

Each week will be a new module. Here’s what we’ll cover: 

Month 1: Start where you are
Module 1: Creating our sacred space
Module 2: Get clear about the present
Module 3: From coping to thriving

Month 2: Look inward
Module 4: Life keeps happening
Module 5: Navigating change
Module 6: Whole-hearted living

Month 3: Empower YOU
Module 7: Physical/emotional/mental self-care
Module 8: The “F” Word
Module 9: Celebrating miracles

Here’s what some previous participants in my groups had to say:

“I have loved this journey with each of you. I have been able to practice more self-compassion and given myself more space to be kind.” – Robyn

“Jenny has a unique ability to professionally and gracefully lead a group, keeping the energy and momentum.”- Cierra

Read more and apply for the Grace & Space self-care circle here.

But don’t wait! The circle is already forming. And we are saving you a spot. The deadline to apply is this Friday, Oct 4.

Want a free taste of what a nurturing circle of women feels like?  Join me for my free workshop encore this Thursday, October 3 at 12:30 pm CT. 

Register here (if you haven’t already!) and join me for one hour to get energized, recharged and clear on what your needs are. The feedback from the workshop was great and I’m super excited to share it again!

Are you interested in a circle of support but not sure what your next step is?  Send me a note and let’s talk. 

Be well,