Today is International Day of Yoga, a day intended to raise awareness of the important role yoga can play in health and wellness. 

Most of the time, we think of yoga as what we do on the mat. And we don’t always find time for that kind of yoga. That’s why I love this quote: ”Yoga happens beyond the mat, anything you do with attention to how you feel is doing yoga.” – unknown

I’ve been practicing yoga for a long time. While my practice has changed over the years, it is a regular, important and positive habit that consistently helps me feel grounded. 

But since an accident in September of 2021, I haven’t practiced yoga as much. I still love it, but I don’t find (or make) the time to be on my mat as often.

I still think of myself as a yogi, but yesterday as I struggled on my mat and fell out of a posture, I thought why do I keep falling?!

Then I remembered something that one of my fav online yoga instructors JJ from Black Swan Yoga* said and I smiled. He said, “…if you lose your balance…YES! COOL! I’m so stoked you have pushed yourself to that edge.”

Over the years practicing yoga I have heard so many different acknowledgements of losing your balance, or falling out of a pose, or I’ve been encouraged to “practice compassion” and “don’t be hard on yourself…” but I have never thought of losing my balance as something to celebrate. 

I had never considered that the act of falling out of a pose was the manifestation of pushing myself to that edge. And I certainly had never punctuated it with a “YES! COOL!”

I invite you to find the edge of your practice.

What do I mean by that?

Stretch. Bend. Take up space. Surrender. Practice self-compassion. Whether on your mat or in the world, being present with attention on how you feel IS practicing yoga.

Jenny, when you look at your life, where are you aware of the edge, but playing it safe?  Can you be more present to what is happening in you and around you? 

My favorite moment in coaching is when a client can see clearly their own experience and how to grow. This is the kind awareness that can unlock a powerful shift in our lives. If this resonates with you, why not book a free discovery call with me to explore it more? I want to know about your edge and how you want to grow.

Here’s to finding your edge,

* I receive nothing from linking…just sharing the love.