One of my favorite things to seek out lately is acoustic or live versions of my favorite songs. (As this pandemic keeps going, my brain is seeking novelty in all kinds of ways!) 

As I was listening to music I know well, but was…different (because I had never heard this version), I realized how often silence and pauses are used in live performances and when all the other “stuff” is stripped away. 

The pause builds connection with the listener, frames what is important, and, literally sometimes, allows us to catch our breath.    

Turns out, our brains really like contrast and sudden silences in music.

Contrasts in life, and in music, are powerful. It helps us see differences.

Stillness and movement

Quiet and loud

Fast and slow

Light and dark

Without one, the other has no meaning, no context, we can’t really understand, describe or appreciate the other.

And you know what that means for us? 

In order for the BUSY times in our lives to be impactful, we must REST, too. 

Resting and pausing are powerful and necessary.

Taking TIME OUT actually helps our bodies RELAX and feel more poised to do and BE. 

I know, it’s counter-intuitive in our culture. 

But rest can make space for more efficiency.

And while sometimes the pause is what refreshes us, other times, the pause is what transforms us. 

Our needs change throughout our lives. What served you a few years (or months!) ago, may not have the same impact now.  

That’s why I’d love for you to join me for an ALL NEW free virtual workshop on February 10 at 12 pm CT:  Permission to Pause.

Register here.

Give yourself this hour and learn how to nourish yourself well in any given moment.

It’s a pretty cool snapshot of  what I teach my clients in the Grace & Space Self-Care Circle. 😉

Join me and discover more ways to pause so you can have more joy, connection and self-compassion in your life!

I can’t wait to see you there!

With love from your coach,