Hi There!

I’m curious…

Have you been looking for a safe, cozy space to put your hardest, toughest gunk on the table while feeling secure and supported?

Maybe you want an outside look at the bigger picture of patterns in your life so you can shift some things?

I hear you.

My coaching is designed to help you – whether personally or professionally –

  • Develop new healthy ways to care for your loving spirit
  • Better acknowledge your needs and boundaries
  • Rediscover the parts of yourself you’ve lost
  • Cultivate more love, presence and compassion for your people – and yourself!
  • Shift out of burnout and overwhelm
  • Feel more like yourself again
  • Move through the day with confidence and clarity
  • Feel ready to “play bigger” in your life
  • Get excited about who you are now

Ahh – sounds nice, doesn’t it? 

Now I’m excited to share that I now offer two different ways to work with me:

1)  Rediscovering Me – A structured program to help you come back to yourself and embrace your inner knowing.

This is for you if you like the structure of a loving curriculum to inspire and guide you to living your best life.

(Think: I’d love for Jenny to lead the way so I can feel guided on this personal growth journey!)

Learn more about Rediscovering Me here.

2)  Trust My Compass – A completely customized experience to meet you exactly where you are, every session.

This is for you if you want support with life’s demands and your heart’s desires as they show up in your life.

(Think: I’d love for Jenny to meet me where I am because my life isn’t linear and the support I’m craving will need to flex with me!)

Learn more about Trust My Compass here.

Sounds exciting? It is!

These two programs have been carefully curated and designed based on previous client feedback…..because there is no one-size-fits-all coaching solution.

Each gets you to the amazing results above – but the path is catered to the way that YOU respond best.

Not sure which program is right for you?

No worries! Schedule a free Discovery Coaching session with me and we’ll find the right path for you.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you.

With love,


“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.”

Ralph Marston