Hi There,

You know this to be true: most of the time, your best ideas don’t come while you are sitting at your desk.

They come in the shower. When you are gardening. When you go for a walk.

Research shows that creativity, self-awareness, emotional awareness and other positive connections can heighten during movement.

Sometimes in coaching, I can see a client get “stuck” in their heads.

We are thinking and talking so much but not really able to access our deepest wisdom.

If I am coaching a client who is in their head, I might invite them to a somatic experience:

To put their hand on their heart….

Shake it off…

Breathe deeply through a tough moment….

and the experience will usually be powerful and lead to greater clarity.

When we’re more open and more relaxed, it helps us access deeper parts of ourselves and our emotions — layers of ourselves that we often don’t have the opportunity to experience otherwise.

I have coached hundreds of people and most everyone envisions more creative ways of working, living and BEING.

People want to be moving. Be comfortable. Be responsive. Be open to new experiences.

And I’m cheering them on for all of it!

Here is a new and fun way to work with me:

Would you like to get out from behind your desk and maybe go on a (virtual) walk or a hike with me?

I am offering a 45-minute FREE “Walk & Talk” Discovery coaching session.

I’m so excited to share this new experience with you! It combines a few of the pillars of my coaching practice: self-care, deep listening, insightful coaching.

My intention is to (virtually) join you in a space that helps you feel more open and creative and allow you to access your deep wisdom in a coaching conversation.

Maybe you are a former client who would love to reconnect. 

Maybe we’ve never met for a coaching session before and you have always wanted to. 

This is your opportunity to experience my coaching in a new, embodied and fun way. 

I have opened up FIVE spots for my FREE “Walk & Talk” Discovery coaching sessions this Spring.

This is a FREE session to have a coaching session with me and learn more about coaching with me. 

You are welcome to go out on a walk, or perhaps you’ll curl up in your favorite chair at your home or office and enjoy a cup of tea all the while having a deep, rich coaching session with me. Whatever will help you show up and be present for yourself — DO THAT! 

Grab your earbuds and walking shoes. Let’s talk about something that moves you. Literally.

(Please book a slot only if you are confident you can make the time.) I look forward to connecting with you! 

Looking forward with love,


PS – if you like the idea of a discovery coaching session but aren’t interested in walking, you can still book one with me here.   

P.P.S. If you are a current client and would like to take our coaching on a walk, hit reply and let me know. I would love to walk and talk with you, too!

“Thoughts come clearly while one walks.”

Thomas Mann