While my coaching is not formulaic or scripted, there is one part of nearly every coaching conversation that my clients have come to count on being consistent:  our wrap-up.

“What are you taking with you?” 

My clients will recognize this question, or some version of it, as the final step from our coaching. I use the ritual of reflection to give my clients the space to declare what has just happened in our coaching session, and what meaningful action, knowledge, feeling they leave the coaching with.

…Sometimes, they will name a specific action they plan to take based on our coaching call.

…Sometimes they will declare that they are taking a feeling of clarity. Often, I hear that they hadn’t said something out loud, until now.

…Sometimes, they will articulate a shift in mindset, as in, I had been thinking about this situation in one way, but now I have a completely different perspective.

…Sometimes, they express appreciation for the space to think and explore their own feelings without being judged. They feel lighter for unloading the burdens in their head and heart and can interact with those thoughts and feelings in new ways.

Of all the topics covered in our session, the question — What are you taking with you? — invites the client to CHOOSE what they want to take from the coaching experience. It is meant to be empowering and reinforce their agency, power and growth.  

And while this is the “wrap up” question, it really is just the beginning.

Coaching is not about a temporary escape from life with someone who is a good listener. 

But rather, coaching is an experience in deep reflection, honest exploration, and strategies to help the person gain clarity and get into action.

The real POWER from the coaching conversation is not just what happens in the coaching conversation, but afterward as the client moves in her life with that new clarity of heart and mind. Then, they might feel their actions feel more aligned with her purpose.

I’d love to know, what are you taking from reading this?  Have you gained a nugget that you can take with you into your day? Hit reply and let me know.

With love,