One question I get asked when people are new to self-care is “how is taking a nap or a hot bath or insert-any-activity-here going to solve my stressful work situation?”

The answer I give is honest:  It’s not.  

Taking a bath or a nap won’t solve the problem. But what it will do is give rest to the brain and body of the person who is in that stressful situation so they can show up more in a more resourced way.

Self-care does not solve problems in and of itself. 

And maybe that is why people are quick to discount it. 

Self-care isn’t a quick fix for what is messed up in our lives. And anyone promising that, isn’t being honest.

The fundamental teaching in Grace & Space is how to build self-care into your life, so that you aren’t working from a deficit. 

When you are resourced, you make better choices, have more courage, have deeper relationships….the list goes on and on. 

When you are consistently and lovingly tending to your needs you can

  • handle life’s stressors more manageably
  • create (and enforce!) better boundaries around your time & energy
  • feel more grounded and able to process the inevitable challenges of life

Ahhhh – doesn’t that sound lovely?

Sunday is the LAST DAY to apply for Grace & Space. We begin the first week of March!

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Not sure yet? 

Listen to some women (Gracers, I like to call them) who have experienced Grace & Space firsthand:

“Self-care is now part of the fabric of my daily life.” Leshia 

“I found myself again and discovered what I need to be living my best life every day.” – Jenni

“Through this experience I’ve begun to look at the little joys of life and special moments in a new light and accept my whole self, and not be so hard on myself.” – Michelle

This is what I mean!

Taking care of yourself is essential to living a full life. 

If you feel the call, I lovingly invite you to our Grace & Space circle to support you in nurturing your own best life. 

Be well,