January was rough for me. The holidays were full of activities and travel and family and food and, yes, some fun, too. But there was little time for rest. And the rest I did take was squeeeeeeezed in between all the other things. 

In short, when the New Year arrived, instead of feeling the usual rush of joy and anticipation I feel at the beginning of a new year, I felt weary.

So while I wanted to jump into the year with my signature blend of optimism, enthusiasm and focus, I instead found myself regrouping and wintering.

I drastically simplified my to do list. I held boundaries. And I focused on what was essential. I know better than to rush myself. 

And then on a Friday morning in yoga class, I found the words for the feeling that had been brewing inside me: 

You can begin again. Any time. On your schedule. You can always begin. When you are ready.

So that is what I’m doing. 

I’m viewing this season as that: a season. And I’m allowing myself to let go of what isn’t serving me, and to bring forward what will help me on my journey. 

I can give myself permission for a “fresh start” any time I like. And good news: you can, too.

What about you? Have the last few months been intense? 

Have you found yourself thinking I really should have my act together…. 

Or maybe, I’m behind where I want to be… 

Or even, I’m not happy with….. 

Dear Reader, hear me:  at any moment you can begin again.  

Just because it is a Tuesday, or the second month of the year, doesn’t mean you can’t begin again. You can. Every day. Every hour. 

You have the power to look at yourself and your circumstances, take a deep, loving breath, and begin again.

With love,