Research has shown us that taking breaks makes us more productive.

You’ve read the same thing, too, but you might be thinking:  “Ha! Taking a break? Amidst a pandemic with fluctuating child care and cancellations on top of my already long to-do list?” I know, my friend. Hear me out…

It’s true that our culture – and most of our daily lives – doesn’t support the practice of pausing and turning inward. 

Collectively, we value outward energy, production and growth. And Always. Do. More.

But being “on” all the time fries our circuits and leads to overwhelm and burnout.

Last week I attended a small workshop with James Garrett of Brain By Design. He brings a fascinating perspective to WHY our brains need to pause, and what exactly is a “brain break”? 

According to Garrett, there are four elements to an effective brain break:

  • Relaxation (highly personal)
  • Choice (having agency matters)
  • Distance from the stressor (physical and psychological)
  • Growth (our brains want to give “light attention” to something)

The more of these elements you can incorporate into your break, the more you will reap the benefits of the break. After periods of rest and restoration – even short pauses – we are able to re-engage with our work and life more resourced. 

You have been going strong for decades. It’s time to bring it in and replenish yourself. It is time to rest. 

It’s time to stop doing and take a moment to see who you are under all that activity.

That’s why I’d love for you to join me for an ALL NEW free virtual workshop on February 10 at 12 pm CT:  Permission to Pause.

In this 1 hour workshop you’ll

  • have gentle guidance and space to check in with yourself
  • learn (or rediscover) what helps you feel well in some of the most challenging moments
  • discover micro moments of self-care for more self-compassion and clarity in 2022

Register here.

Give yourself Permission to Pause and discover self-care that can support you right now.

(And, if you want to attend but can’t make it on February 10 at 12 pm? Good news! I’ll be recording this workshop for people just like you! Sign up and I’ll send you the recording within 24 hours after the workshop.)

I’ll also be sharing how you can move forward with implementing how to know how to nourish yourself in any given moment.

Because isn’t it time to shift from “self-care is one more thing I have to do…” to “Now I know what I need and it can be simple.”?

I hope to see you there!

With love from your coach,