I LOVED leading the workshop with an awesome group of women yesterday to help them create their personal 2020 Self-Care Plan. 

I believe you have the power to do great things, but first it’s vital to take charge of your own life. 

I believe that starts with self-care. 

When self-care falls to the wayside, it can put you in a state of prolonged stress and overwhelm, which impacts every part of your life. 

It can cause you to lose touch with who you are and what you need.

So here’s the thing:

Living a full life requires us to take care of ourselves so we can be a loving, present, compassionate resource for all the amazing people, passions and projects in our lives.

In other words, we need to get it together, people! This is important!

That’s why I’m THRILLED to be opening a new round of Grace & Space! 

Grace & Space is my coach-led self-care circle to explore your overall well-being in a nurturing and supportive way.

It’s the grace for some more self-love (so you can finally put yourself back on your list!),

It’s some space to think (so you can be more clear on who you are and what you want for your life),

And it’s a place to do it in a nurturing environment (in a confidential circle of kind, nurturing, supportive and amazing women).

The 3 month Grace & Space Self-Care Circle is designed to support you as you practice self-care (and self-compassion) every day. 

Grace & Space includes: 

  • 9 virtual coach-led Self-Care Circles from February – May, 2020.
  • In-call activities and compassionate intention exercises to deepen your understanding of each session’s topic.
  • Connection and nurturing with a carefully curated group of women (like you!).
  • Daily “Love Notes” from your coach to offer resources and compassionate support.
  • Daily connection to the group (through either a private Facebook group or a group text) to help you strengthen your connections to each other, provide additional accountability and deepen your experience.
  • One private coaching session with Jenny.
  • Secure group site with additional “Go Deep” resources to help you stay on your self-care path.
  • Loving support from Jenny as needed.
  • A special and personal-to-you welcome gift!

Read all about it and apply here.

I would love to include YOU in this very special group. This is my third offering of Grace & Space and I’m super duper excited to share this with you. 

If this speaks to you, please join me on this special journey. 

Apply here.

I’m taking applications through February 24. (And please know that there is no obligation to work with me by applying – I’ll open the door if it seems like we’re a fit.)

I’d love for you to join me (and other amazing women like you) in Grace & Space. 

Be well,