Ahhh – November.

It’s the time of year where, before we even put away the Halloween costumes, we’re already rushed ahead into making our holiday or end-of-year plans. While we often need to focus on things like…

Personal commitments and end-of-year pressure at work…
Meals and gifts…
Guests and Travel arrangements…
Expectations (ours and theirs) and Emotions…

Many people in my world are also dealing with more than their fair share of additional stress. Be it a job search, financial pressure, being the caregiver for a sick loved one or recovering from some major challenge….the list goes on and on.

It is easy to see why so many of us feel like we are in survival mode! 

This made me think of you, Dear Reader, and maybe you need a little love and compassion as you navigate November.

I send daily love notes to my Grace & Space Self-Care Circle, and they seem to really love it. And I thought you could maybe use some love, too, from your coach. 

Love Note 
To:  YOU
From:  Jenny

I don’t know about you, but I am SO MUCH more likely to offer someone else compassion before I offer compassion to myself. 

Today, I invite you to journal about compassion and self-compassion. I love this quote and the promise that it offers: 

“A moment of self-compassion can change your entire day.
A string of such moments can change the course of your life.”
  – Christopher K. Germer

Ahh – yes! I invite you to write about a time when you showed compassion to someone else.  Who was the person? What were the circumstances? How did it feel? What was your “motivation?”

Now I invite you to write about a recent act of SELF-compassion.  What were the circumstances? How did if feel?  (And if this one is hard to answer, that’s okay.  Stay with the topic and journal with self-compassion…)


And as I think about what I am focused on for the remainder of this year, I wanted to share some loving and nurturing growth opportunities that may feel really great for you to have on your radar.  Such as…

1. The Visioning Experience – early January 2020. 
This IN-PERSON Vision Board Workshop + VIRTUAL Vision Coaching Session is an amazing way to help you kick off the year! I’ve been leading this workshop for the past five years and love to guide people as they get clear on their desires and align their actions around what they want from life. (Plus past participants tell me it’s SO MUCH FUN they come back year-after-year!) 

Watch your inbox for the registration opening in early December! Or click here to get on the first-to-know list! 

2. Grace & Space – Spring 2020. 
This coach-led virtual self-care circle is designed to help you explore your overall well-being in a nurturing and supportive way. “Gracers,” as I call them, receive daily love notes, like the ones above, which accompany my powerful and intimate weekly coaching sessions. In Grace & Space you have the space to think and get clear on your needs, grace for more self-compassion and a place to do it in a nurturing environment so you can practice self-care everyday.

The next self-care circle is coming in February 2020. Click here to get on the first-to-know list! 

So, my friend, no matter whether you’ve got your plan and are feeling great about the end of your year, or whether you can’t even see through the weekend, I offer you this love note filled with compassion. 

I love hearing from you. Feel free to hit reply and let me know how you are doing.

With compassion from my heart to yours,