I’ve been talking a lot about self-care lately…..

And I get a variety of responses from people when I mention it.

Oh, I need to get a pedicure so badly!

I don’t even know what self-care means to me anymore.

I feel so guilty when I take time for myself. 

I hear it every day and it is especially painful for me because I spent years NOT taking care of myself with unhelpful thoughts swirling in my head. 

After coaching hundreds of women I can tell you that real self-care busts through these myths.  

REAL self-care is creating a practice of: 

  • nurturing yourself in a regular way where you don’t need to escape,
  • knowing what you need for your body, heart and mind in order to truly recharge, and
  • accepting the fact that you have needs and getting them met guilt-free.

Listen, true self-care is not for the faint of heart. It isn’t easy, but I really do believe that true self-care is fundamental to living a full life.

We as women are often the caregivers. We’ve been taught to put everyone else first. We’re SO GOOD at NOT listening to our own needs…until those needs bubble up and scream at us and we can’t ignore them anymore. (Hello illness. Overwhelm. Anger.  Depression….) 

I’m speaking from experience here.

So I’ve made it a mission to help you find ways to tune in more closely to your needs.

Here are two easy-peasy ways: 

Ready to dip your toe into clarifying what self-care needs for you right now? 

Join me for my free workshop encore this Thursday, October 3 at 12:30 pm CT.

Register here (if you haven’t already!) 

Join me for one hour to get energized, recharged and clear on what your needs are. The feedback from the workshop was great and I’m super excited to share it again!

Ready to TRULY create a plan for to nurture yourself for the rest of 2019…and beyond?

Explore my all new Grace & Space Self-Care Circle.

Grace & Space is a 12-week coach-led self-care circle to explore our overall well-being in a nurturing and supportive way.

It’s the grace to return to self-love.
It’s a space to be without comparison or competition.
It’s a place to “be more” in every area of your life!

Here’s all the ways Grace & Space will support you: 

  1. 9 virtual coach-led Self-Care Circles from Oct. 10 – Dec. 19.
  2. In-call activities and compassionate intention exercises to deepen your understanding of each session’s topic.
  3. Go Deep resources to help you stay on your self-care path.
  4. Secure group site with all Grace & Space resources for easy reference.
  5. Connection and nurturing with a carefully curated group of women (like you!).
  6. A private Facebook group to help you strengthen your connections to each other and deepen your experience.
  7. Loving email support from Jenny as needed.
  8. You’ll also receive a special and personal-to-you welcome gift!

Here’s what previous participants had to say:

“The biggest shift for me in Grace & Space was to recognize in the moment when I’m really struggling and to have more self-compassion.” – Amanda

“Grace & Space has helped me to be more intentional.” – Heather

“I have loved this journey with each of you. I have been able to practice more self-compassion and given myself more space to be kind.” – Robyn

Are you ready to have more self-compassion, be more intentional and give yourself more space to be kind?

Apply for Grace & Space now. (But hurry! Applications close this Friday, October 5!)

With love,